Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been tagged!

Thanks to Mud and Mint I've been tagged asking to share six interesting things about myself and ask six others to do the same....well, interesting or not, here it goes:
1. I'd almost always take a good bagel with cream cheese over chocolate (or any other sweets for that matter).
2. I was a cemetery security guard a couple of summers while in college.
3. I have a birthmark on my thigh that's the shape of a cow skull. You know, the kind you see in the wild west movies with the tumble weeds blowing by...
*Que wild west whistle music ooOooOoo*
4. When I was a kid my Mom enrolled me in clown classes, yes clown classes. I was pretty shy and she wanted to get me involved in something, so while my friends were in little league baseball and gymnastics, I was a CLOWN :o(
5. I think "Yo Gabba Gabba" is the best thing to happen to TV in years!
6. I used to play the bass (the acoustic upright string bass-not the cool rocker chic electric bass.)
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mud and mint said...

woohoo jenniffer!
1. that picture of the bagel and cream cheese is always take lovely photos! garlic bagels with cream cheese are my favorites...
2. my father worked in the only city owned cemetery in town my whole life... quite a thing to tell my friends who all thought it was creepy but i always thought it was kind of neat and unusual.
3. we both have funny birthmarks!
4. you went to clown classes and i had a love/hate relationship with clowns as a child. i loved them from a far and was totally scared of them at the same time. my father took me to the circus and i was excited to see the clowns but they were handing out coloring books at the entrance and i wouldn't go near them... i screamed and cried. the poor clown felt so bad, he gave the coloring book to my father to give to me so i wouldn't have to go near him.

Xanthe said...

Funny about the clown classes. No gymnastics for me as a kid, I learned circus performing. I learned to walk on a big ball, tightrope, and to jungle among other things.

Xanthe said...

ok I meant juggle not jungle! Duh
See I can't spell worth a darn!

Andrea said...

*huge grins* I'll take the extra chocolate! =~.^=

I know how to juggle, too- one of my ex's is a serious juggler. LOL!

And I *finally* did this six questions thing- here's my post: .


coquet's cache said...

check! on the bagel over sweets .. and... check! on the birth mark on the thigh. mine looks like New Zealand. my little sister has one in the same spot, but hers is the shape of Andrew Jackson's profile. (not kiddding)